Frequently Asked Questions

Are Marymoor Park and 60 Acres Park operated by the City of Redmond?
How can I stay informed on City business, events, and other announcements?
How do I determine if I need a permit?
How do I find out about the quality of drinking water in Redmond?
How do I request accommodations?
How do I submit a Public Records Requests?
I am interested in Parks and Recreation programs and facilities.
I applied for a job but haven't heard anything yet.
I have concerns about the condition of a street including damage, debris, litter, etc.
I have questions about a deceased or loose/stray animal.
I have questions about Accessible Transit Services that are offered in Redmond.
I have questions about AirBnBs.
I have questions about garbage and recycling services provided.
I have questions about parking in Redmond.
I have questions about Pioneer Cemetery.
I have questions about pollution, spills, and other environmental issues.
I have questions about potholes and pavement repairs.
I have questions about street lights.
I have questions about the Bike/Scooter Share program.
I have questions about the process for removing snow/ice from my street.
I have questions about the Title VI Program.
I have questions or concerns about a hazardous tree or limbs.
I have questions or concerns about traffic.
I have questions or concerns about traffic/street signage.
Sight Triangle FAQ's
Street Sweeping during the Fall season.
What can I do to be better prepared for an emergency/disaster?
What do I need to do to start a business in Redmond?
What is "Go Redmond"?
What is involved when determining to put a crosswalk in or not?
What is the Neighborhood Traffic Calming program?
What should I know about washing my car or vehicle in Redmond?
Where can I get my passport?
Where do I find information on City codes and ordinances?
Who are your 2020 Redmond City Council members?

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