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Street Sweeping during the Fall season.

The City of Redmond, Public Works Department - Street Maintenance Team, prioritizes Fall street sweeping on arterial roadways and bike lanes first, to improve safety and reduce heavy leaf build up in the gutters.  This is peak season for sweeping streets. The staff work hard to keep up with the leaf fall. This effort helps to reduce localized flooding and road closures during heavy rains. Once the arterial roads and bike lanes are safe, three (3) City of Redmond sweepers will systemically work through the residential neighborhoods to remove the leaves from the gutter areas.

Residents play an important role in keeping streets and sidewalks clean and safe. We ask the public to clear leaves from sidewalks near/adjacent to their property, to prevent slipping and minimize potential flooding from clogged storm drains – especially during autumn. Leaves can be composted, placed in landscapes to prevent plants from freezing in the winter months or put into the yard waste bins. Please do not rake leaves from landscapes into the streets.

We do not take requests for residential street sweeping. We do provide up to four (4) annual residential street sweepings per year on a scheduled route.  Requests for the sweeping of main arterials will be evaluated and scheduled appropriately.

Updated 5/3/2019 11:30 AM
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