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The pop-up dog park at Luke McRedmond Park is in response to growing demand for dedicated, accessible spaces for pets (and their owners) to get exercise and socialize with others. With a growing population in our downtown, the City of Redmond is committed to providing a spaces that meet our urbanizing community's needs. This temporary space will allow the city to test different potential locations and needs for a more permanent off-leash dog area in the city.


A dog park was an identified community need in the PARCC Plan, which guides the work and projects the Parks and Recreation department does.

Staff and the community evaluated potential sites in the downtown for this first pop-up dog park.  The Downtown neighborhood was seen has having the highest need in the city. Staff evaluated numerous park sites in downtown and asked for community feedback on the sites in the Summer of 2022.

Luke McRedmond Park was selected for its proximity to housing, parking and multimodal access, and large lawn that is currently unprogrammed.

Timeline: Spring to fall 2023

Location: Luke McRedmond Park, 15644 Redmond Way, Redmond, WA 98052

Hours of Operation: Dawn to dusk

More Information:

What is a pop-up dog park? It is a temporary off-leash area where dogs can play freely within a designated and contained space. The pop-up dog park is open for public use and follows the park rules and hours of operation. 

Where is the pop-up dog park located? It is located at Luke McRedmond Park (15644 Redmond Way, Redmond, WA 98052) in the Downtown neighborhood. 

Will this dog park be permanent? The pop-up dog park will run from April to September 2023. During this time, staff will solicit feedback from the community and users on their experience with this new amenity. After the area is decommissioned, staff will assess the benefits, impacts, maintenance and operation’s needs and the potential for a permanent dog-park location. 

Where can I park? The park has 17 parking spaces and 2 ADA accessible spaces.  The location is also served by Metro Transit routes 221 and 250 (yes! Dogs on leash can ride the bus). Street parking and the nearby Redmond Central Connector are also a short walk away.  Please follow all posted rules and time limits.

Do I need to pick up after my pet? Yes!  The city will provide dog waste bags and trash cans, but it is the responsibility of the owner to clean up and properly dispose of their dog's waste.

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