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How the City is addressing homelessness

Redmond, in partnership with other Eastside cities and nonprofits, works to ensure that those living unsheltered will have access to services that will support their path to stability. Homelessness is a complex issue which requires the City to bring a compassionate, tailored, and comprehensive set of solutions to address the unique needs of each person. Here is how the City is actively working to combat homelessness.

How you can be part of the solution

 Volunteer or Donate

There are many local organizations who serve people in need in our community.  Please consider donating your time or resources to one of these organizations. 

 Connect people in need with resources

If you are concerned about someone living outside or in their vehicle or if you discover an encampment, you can submit a request for service via the “Your Redmond” app or on the City’s website.  You can also call the City’s non-emergency line at 425-556-2500 to report the situation. Once we receive this request, the City’s homeless outreach administrator will make contact and work with the individual to provide supportive services and address any immediate needs. If you witness a medical emergency or see illegal behavior, please call 9-1-1 to report it. 

 What if you see someone who is panhandling?  Not everyone who panhandles is homeless. In fact, many studies have found that only a small percentage of homeless people panhandle and only a small percentage of those who panhandle are homeless. Panhandling is not illegal unless the individual is blocking you or harassing you in some fashion. It has been ruled as protected freedom of speech, but if you witness or experience aggressive panhandling, call 911 and provide a brief description of the individual and their location.

 When panhandlers ask you for money, you may think you’re helping by giving your spare change. The best way you can help is by:

  • Donating your time or resources to organizations that support individuals experiencing homelessness.
  • Providing individuals with the homeless outreach staff’s business cards. These are also available at Redmond City Hall.
  • Educating friends and neighbors about panhandling.

Please visit the City's Homelessness webpage for more information.

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