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Food Truck Vendor Requirements

It is required that all business operating within City limits to obtain a City of Redmond Business License:

City of Redmond Fire Department require a separate fire permit and inspection:

  • Per Redmond Zoning Code 21.46.020(G)(10), motorized catering that remains at one location for no more than three hours per day is exempt from having to obtain a temporary use permit. If a food truck wishes to remain in any one location, for more than three hours per day, then a temporary use permit is required.  
  • Food trucks are subject to noise regulations, including maximum permissible noise levels or public nuisance regulations for generators and equipment, loudspeakers and music stereos (Redmond Municipal Code 6.36 and 9.42).   
  • As with all authorized motor vehicles, food trucks are to abide by all parking regulations, including time limits, no parking signs, blocking of driveways, etc. (Redmond Municipal Code 10.52).   

Please be prepared at the time of filing your business license application to answers to the following questions: 

  1. Where are you authorized to discharge wastewater from your food truck? 
  2. Will the food truck be stored within Redmond City Limits when not operating? If Yes, provide the address location. 

If you wish to establish a permanent location for your food truck on private property you will need to obtain a temporary use permit.

Permanent placement in the Right-of-Way is prohibited. 

 If you have questions regarding obtaining a temporary use permit and the cost, please reach out to or call 425-556-2494.

Updated 2/17/2022 2:30 PM
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