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Do I need a Right-of-Way permit for a moving pod?

It depends on where the moving (or storage) pod is located.

  • Pods are not allowed in the Downtown Redmond; Pods are not allowed to be stored on City streets because: Outdoor storage is not permitted in Downtown per RZC Section 21.38. They are unsafe due to poor sight-distance visibility.  There is a lack of time control, with the on-street time limits.
  • Pods placed entirely on a private driveway do not require a permit
  • Pods are not allowed to block any portion of the sidewalk
  • Pods that protrude onto any part of the public right of way require a permit; certain conditions may apply

See Redmond Zoning Code Ch. 21.38 Outdoor Storage, Retail Display, and Garbage and Recycling Enclosures | Redmond Zoning Code ( for additional details.


Updated 2/3/2022 5:02 PM
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