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Why does my address say Kirkland, but my home is inside the City of Redmond?

An address is comprised of three sections:

  1. The recipient
  2. The street address (house number, street name, possible unit/suite)
  3. The city, state, and ZIP code

 The occupant is responsible for maintaining the accuracy of the first line. The Redmond Fire Department, as the addressing authority for the street address, is responsible for assigning and maintaining the second. A postmaster general of United States Postal Service is responsible for assigning the final portion.

 In some situations, the geopolitical boundaries may not match a post office’s service region, causing a disconnect between the two. In these cases, such as annexations by the City of Redmond, the City does not have the authority to update the City or ZIP code in the address. Instead, a postmaster of a local post office would need to reassign the City and ZIP code to match the geopolitical boundary.

For questions concerning the street address please contact Redmond Fire Prevention at 425.556.2237 or email them at For questions regarding the City and ZIP code, inquiries should be made of the post office in charge of that address’s mail.

Updated 4/12/2023 12:01 PM
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